Introducing a first of its kind Women’s Empowerment Series:


You are invited to create new routines and realities; experiences that nurture your soul and spark you to refine, balance, restore, create and inhabit the next best version of yourself.


An Invitation begins with a one-time orientation, held at the beginning of each month. Extraordinary experiences will be offered monthly to expand your thinking and open your heart to new mysteries. While you will be given a few clues the actual event is kept a surprise. Once registration is complete, instructions will be delivered 24 hours prior to the event. It is not required to attend all of the monthly events and you may simply pick and choose invitations that resonate with you.

An Invitation is based on the principle that every need can be met, every wound healed, and every wish actualized. This model has been carefully designed especially for a deep collective of life-loving women who share a genuine desire for transformation.


Expect to:

Be surprised

Breathe light into the dark spaces

Awaken your senses

Disrupt your normal

And free your hinges

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